The newest eebrake uses forged aluminum for the major components providing the highest strength and durability.

The new eebrake will work with rims from 18 mm to 28 mm in width. The newest eebrake further optimizes wide rim compatibility. The leverage has been fine tuned adding slightly to the brake’s power and providing that power more consistently through the brake’s operating range. The leverage of the new eebrake is optimized to work all the current levers including Shimano 7900 and 9000. This refinement makes installation slightly easier as well.

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EeBrake Black MRK3

The new EeBrake is finally here. After much anticipation an all new MRK3 brake has arrived in the UK.

The newest MRK3 is made from forged aluminium providing high strength and durability due to the change in the material's grain structure. By forging an aluminium block the grain structure is crushed, forcing them closer together creating a super tough material structure. From this point the legendary Ee shape is machined into the block until the MRK3 is born.

A all new design provides a future-proof sturcture and design due to its ability to work with 18mm as well as 28mm wide rims. Leverage has been fine tuned from previous incarnations enhancing the brake's power and leverage. A refinement in desing makes for easier installation, including working with al lthe current levers including Shimano 7900 and 9000. The arm, bridge and axle componants have been refined to provide greater strength and stiffness without adding weight. The superlight legend lives on!

Eebrake silver MRK2

The eebrake delivers what every cyclist wants in a high performance brake - superior power and control in the lightest possible package. Lightweight bike parts get you up to top speed with less effort. Eventually, you will have to slow down. Whether you are flying down a twisty mountain road or with 75 of your best friends in a tight criterium and grab the brake lever, eebrakes will deliver real stopping power with razor sharp control.

The eebrake is the ultimate brake from start to finish - a unique and patented design developed and refined by relentless engineering, both at the computer and through real-life testing, all executed with attention to every detail, precision craftsmanship and use of only the highest quality materials.

EeBrake Dual Mount

The eebrake Dual Mount (DM) is the same basic brake as the eebrake with all its benefits including light weight, braking power, braking precision, and adjustability. It has been specifically designed for use with frames and forks that incorporate the Shimano Direct Mount Standard. (This system uses 2 frame/fork mounting studs in place of the conventional center one.) The eebrakes pivot/lever system is naturally narrow and has ideal cable alignment for the Direct Mount application. The eebrake DM is compatible with cranks and power meters which require clearance at the chain stay, such as the Stages Power Meter.

Eebrake DM Composite Aero Arch Front

The composite aero front arch is the standard front brake for all Direct Mount bikes except TREK Madone. This Structural composite fairing was developed in collaboration with Parlee Cycles as a part of their ESX aero bike. 86 grams without pads.

EeBrake DM Rear

The basic eebrake design is ideally suited for this 2 bolt configuration. Narrow brake profile providing clearance at crank area for crank and power meters that require the space typically available near the bottom bracket and chain stays. This includes Stages power meters. The “across the center” eebrake cable routing works perfectly in the space limitations under the bottom bracket. 71 grams without pads.

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